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7th-30th MAY 2016


Hooray!  Artweeks 2016 is here.  

It seems hardly any time at all since last year and here we are again.  Time passes so quickly.


The Festival runs from 7th-30th May with each of the three weeks having a different regional focus. (Oxford City 7th-15th May, South Oxfordshire 14th-22nd May and North Oxfordshire 21st-30th May).


This year, I will be exhibiting my jewellery and corsages with Dianne Frank, botanical artist and potter, Tam Frishberg in Tam's lovely house in North Oxford.  This is our 7th year together.


Also exhibiting his magnificent drawings, glass and sculpture is our friend Vital Peeters who lives just round the corner.


We look forward to welcoming lots of visitors, so please do come and see us and bring your friends and family too.


Here's a video from last year to give you an idea of what to expect:


How to find us and opening times


 Sites 154-156 

 Visit Tam, Jane and Dianne here:


 Opening times: Saturday 7th May -11.00-6.00

                          Sunday 8th May - 11.00-6.00

                          Monday 9th May - 11.0-6.00

                          Tuesday 10th May - Closed

                          Wednesday 11th May - Closed

                          Thursday 12th May - 11.00-6.00

                          Friday 13th May - 11.00-6.00

                          Saturday 14th May - 11.00-6.00

                          Sunday 15th May - 11.00-6.00


 Site 158

 Visit Vital here:


 Opening times: 7th - 15th May - 11.00-6.00


The Exhibitors


Tam Frishberg


Tam makes wheel thrown stoneware pottery in her home

studio. She is inspired by landscapes and pots both ancient

and modern and has developed a distinctive minimalist style.

"I take more pleasure from form than the decoration, and I

love being part of the ancient art of fashioning from earth and

fire vessels that people will use," she explains.

Her work has been sold in various galleries, and she exhibits

regularly with the Oxfordshire Craft Guild. 





Dianne Frank


Dianne's interest in botanical art coincided with moving from

Vancouver to Oxford in 2001.   In the beginning she was a

painter, both with watercolours and gouache.  The most

appealing subjects have always been non-floral---largely

fruit and vegetables---but she is constantly looking to

expand her repertoire.  The most inspirational moment in

Dianne's artistic 'career' came at her first encounter with

the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) exhibition, which

came several years after she began to paint.  Here she

saw work in coloured pencil for the first time and it moved

her to change medium.  There has been much to learn about

using coloured pencils, and there has been a lot of trial and error in mastering the technique of painting with pencils.  This process continues. In 2011 Dianne became a full member of the SBA.


Every year since 2003 Dianne has exhibited during Oxfordshire's open studio event---Artweeks.  For most of those years she has co-exhibited with friends and fellow artists, Jane and Tam.





Jane Hainsworth


Jane has been designing and making her colourful

jewellery and corsages for over 10 years.  Her range

is constantly changing and expanding - although she

continues to make firm favourites like her Saturn

necklaces. She has recently started making corsages with

clips so that they can worn in the hair.  These have proved

very popular for weddings, parties and going to the races.


Two years ago, she developed this website which serves

as a gallery for much of her work.  She plans to sell online

eventually but really enjoys meeting her customers face to

face.  Jane sells at craft fairs and also supplies jewellery to a gallery in the Cotswolds.  She is also very happy for anyone wanting to buy a piece of jewellery or corsage to contact her. 





Vital Peeters


Vital graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Fine Art and

History of Art in 1987.  He started his Glass Studio in Oxford in



He uses a wide variety of glass techniques which include fusing,

sandblasting, painting and etching for the numerous architectural

work as well as casting and slumping. 


In 2000, he started carving stone as well. Most recently, he has

explored clay, sculptureand drawing.


His glass studio and sculpture garden are open to the public every

year for the Oxford Artweeks Festival in May and November.




Dianne Frank
Jane Hainsworth 2016
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